Sunday, March 30, 2008

Interviews and Conference and Travel, Oh My!

The last few weeks have been insane, and the next few weeks promise to be just as crazy. I've started my job search, which includes a lot of interviews. I've already interviewed on-site at Microsoft for two positions, and received offers from both. On Monday, I have two phone interviews with Google, again for two positions. Then, in the upcoming weeks, I have on-site interviews at Rapleaf, Oracle, IBM Almaden, and Yahoo! Research.

Just interviewing involves a lot of travelling. However, as added fun, I'll also be in Cancun for ICDE 2008, where I'll be presenting one of my papers.

So between interviews, the conference, and associated travelling, there's basically no time for posting. However, once all is over, I'll share interview resources, conference tidbits, and maybe details about the work I'm presenting. At any rate, just didn't want everyone to think I'd given up on blogging.

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Anonymous said...

Almost done!! :)